Patient Registration

This platform contains all the vital basic information of a patient or an individual such as the (Name, DOB, Blood Type, Address, contact details, emergency contact details and Insurance information). Every patient has a unique patient ID or patient profile that helps preserve vital personal information.



The dashboard is like the home ground for all activities that can be performed with the AXOM|Q. It contains sections such as the patient information, vital health data such as (basic information, Blood Glucose, A1C Report, Cholesterol, and Menstruation). It also includes details about the clinical visits, Medication, lab data and other medical information specific to the patient. Every health data is also synchronized with medical activities.

Health Management

This section is the prime location for all health and medical history of the patient or individual. It includes information such as the previous medical data, information about allergies, immunization, medical procedure and hospitalization. Special medical notes by clinicians are stores under this section, enabling quicker decision making during emergencies and other health related actions can be performed.

Medical Records

This is the medical archive that stores all the prominent medical records containing vital healthcare information of individual patients. All the medical documents are accessible from all over the world.

Lab Activities

This section houses all the lab related files and documents and actions. They include lab report request, lab test results, etc. It has a user friendly interface ensuring instant overview of lab results, quicker diagnosis and treatment.

Appointment and Contacts

This section consists of all the important details pertaining to individual patients such as Visit Management, appointment and contact details (Doctors, Pharmacy etc.).

Revenue Management

This section helps store all the payment related information such as clinical bills, lab report bills, doctor’s fees, etc.


This section helps alter the accounts information, authorization, device etc. from settings tile. Every user has access to this page and can create a unique user experience, as they prefer. Health care centers can give customized access to every authorized person of that organization depending on their job role.

Learning Center

This sections houses the frequently asked questions, demo videos and “how to’s” that help answer user queries. Facing difficulties or have any trouble or feeling direction less during exploring our platform, here we have solution for that. In learning center find our FAQs, Tour of the platform and seek peak how every tile works.