Who we are

AXOM|Q is a privately held Global Company with strong consulting practice in the areas of ERP Software, SaaS, Electronic Health Record (EHR) system etc. 

AXOM|Q solutions are designed by healthcare experts focused on patient matrices to meet the challenges of today's virtual practice. Whether you are using paper or multiple other traditional technologies, you need proven solutions that will help you execute efficiency, standardize practices, and maximize return on your investments.

AXOM|Q's thoroughly tested solutions will make this transition seamless. We combine security strategies with a passion for delivering innovative and intelligent, next generation technologies. 

mission & vision

Our Mission: Transcending & achieving equality in healthcare solutions, above and beyond national borders.

Our Vision: We strive to bridge the gap between patients and practitioners in a way that every time a patient profile is accessed, the clinician can view a complete health summary of their patient, with every medical record in place. This ensures timely diagnosis, effective treatments and no lag in health management.


At AXOM|Q, all of our patrons are on a single network and not on multiple software platforms. Thus, we are able to provide real-time decision support based on recommendations from providers like you. With the help of tracking frequently used orders within our platform, we suggest the right diagnosis. Our solutions are designed to aggregate clinical information from multiple sources and surface it at the appropriate time and juncture. As we learn from top-performing clients, we continuously and seamlessly, improve your workflow based on those valuable insights.


Core values

Trust: By maintaining social, ethical and organizational norms, we firmly adhere to codes of acceptable conduct and professional ethical principles.

Impartiality: By providing consultation and advice that result in effective decision making based on established facts and rationale, our practices are devoid of any personal conflict of interests and bias built entirely on the grounds of professional business ethics.

Proactive: By taking prompt action to accomplish objectives; anticipating challenges and identifying early solutions; our core competency extends to providing a 360-degree solution to achieve goals beyond what is required or expected.


We rely on numerous partners that complement our services and increase our overall capabilities. Through collaboration, AXOM|Q and our partners' exchange ideas, foster innovation, and provide world-class solutions to our customers.

AXOM|Q has allied itself with key companies in the industry to form true partnerships that serve the best interests of our customers. Our strategy has always been to find companies whose business practices, service offerings, and technical expertise combine with ours to provide our clients with exceedingly high-quality Security.


Helping clients meet their business challenges begins with an in-depth understanding of the industries in which they work. AXOM|Q established its industry-driven work structure.

Our Health Care industry-focused approach helps us provide an informed perspective on the various Health Care related issues, Hospital Management, Medical Data, Patient Data, Clinical Information, and Lab Report Management challenges our Health Care, Hospitals, Diagonistic Centers and Medical Institutes face.

What’s more, it helps us identify and respond to key business and performance issues, providing custom services and solutions.