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Axom|Q Health management platform

AXOM|Q redefining global healthcare initiative to administer a seamless healthcare solution that helps automate collection of patient clinical records, and augments efficient medical solutions on a global level. A cloud-based technological platform that delivers exemplary healthcare solutions regardless of the position of the patient or the doctor, AXOM|Q is the virtual destination for maintaining an online repository of patient records, irrespective of their location.

Initiated keeping in mind NGOs and other healthcare institutions that serve the society, this platform is patient and doctor centric and is designed by healthcare experts as an answer to their qualms of inadequate medical record maintenance of the less affluent.

An electronic health record (EHR) system that offers quicker documentation, this platform helps provide a seamless transition between the traditional methods of paper-based record keeping to a much more simplified and virtually accessible repository of individual health records of patients across the globe.

  • Continuous Control Monitoring (CCM)
  • Automated Healthcare Documentation
  • Synchronized Health Data of Every Patient
  • 360° Secure Data Record System
  • Automated Medical Records Notifications
  • Record Keeping For Every Individual Patient
  • Global Accessibility
  • Revenue Management Structure for Health Cares, Hospitals, Diagnostics Centers, Non-Profit and For-Profit Organizations.


Offering automated solutions on a virtual platform, we at AXOM|Q provide global healthcare solutions that can be banked upon. Collaborating with all our patrons on a single platform enables us in providing real-time accurate information backed decision support that helps in timely medical resolutions.

Our solutions are based on aggregate clinical information that is fed for individual patients across the globe by every clinician they visit, helping us suggest real-time diagnosis based on accurate treatment records spread over multiple time frames. Improving your workflow seamlessly, we are on a constant drive to provide valuable and accurate insights to every healthcare provider and NGO.

  • Interactive and user friendly dashboard
  • Real Time medical information feeds on a virtual level
  • All time access to multiple patient records
  • Complete reservoir of patient medical records, lab results, etc.
  • Efficient revenue management solutions